learn the skills, strategies, and tools you need to build a profitable coaching business

hands up if you want a profitable business but...

For every step forward, life seems to set you three steps back…

Your limiting-beliefs (imposter syndrome, fear of visibility, etc.) make you your own worst enemy… 

You’re bouncing from strategy to strategy and can’t remain consistent…

You’re lack of strategic systems leads to overwhelm and burnout…

 The pressure of doing this alone overwhelms you to the point of inaction…



Had a clear blueprint for success so you know what to do, how to do it, and when for your business. 

Got over imposter syndrome, loved your brand, and had a clear message that appealed to your ideal client. 

You implemented a marketing and sales system tailored for you, your ideal business structure, and your client needs. Not just the latests trends. 

You didn’t have to be in ‘sales mode’ every day or on social media all day (and you didn’t feel guilty about it). 

You love the products, programs, and services you create and confidently share and make offers with ease.

You had a private supportive network of women to turn to for feedback and accountability away from the drama of social media!


by implementing these four simple steps…


Create a signature brand and offer that helps you confidently attract your ideal audience.


Create a marketing strategy that is easy to implement and be consistent with your audience.

sales and marketing


Create a sales strategy that suits your personality, allowing you to easily convert your audience.


Create systems and processes that help you become the CEO and scale your audience.


the monthly membership for female coaches who want to
build a sustainable and scalable business

If you're just finding Shannon, you need to stay tuned-in! She definitely delivers. Enrolled my first client in my program yesterday, PAID IN FULL! Thank you my friend!

Sheri Brasier

Weight-loss & Confidence Coach

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Hi, I’m Shannon! I’m a former Musician turned depressed HR Generalist turned inspired Femmepreneur. Since 2016 I’ve been building my business and helping women all over the world do the same!

I’ve created this membership after my first business took me over 4 years to build. I learned a lot during that time so when I see other women making the same mistakes, I want them to know: There’s a better way! 


I have been exactly where you are now: ambitious, anxious, frustrated, ashamed, lonely and broke. Basically all the typical new entrepreneur feels. 

I’ve built this program with this in mind. It’s about learning to master the key components that you need to move forward with building the life and business you’re dreaming of. 

I’m an unconventional business coach who believes in the power of bootstrapping and learning the basics, then crafting this into a unique strategy that works for you. 

I also take 100% ownership of this program which means I only have guest experts here when it’s absolutely necessary. Unlike other programs where the information is light, and the guests are just there to pitch you more stuff. 

It’s you and me babe. I’m here to hold your hand until you’re ready to let go! 

Do you have questions like “How do I start a Podcast?” or “How do I create a profitable signature offer?”

Then this program is perfect for you. It’s all about learning what you want to learn in a simple way without all the pomp & circumstance. 

Inside, you’re getting all the tools, strategies, and support you’ll need to implement mindset, marketing, systems, and tech. 

This is a very common hurdle that new entrepreneurs run into. Here’s my thoughts on deciding if this program will work for you and what you can do if you are brand new: 

  •  If you want to become a coach and you do not have a coaching certification yet: I’d suggest seeking out an affordable certification program and starting it first. When you reach the mid-point of your program (usually when you start taking free clients to practice your skills) come back and join FEC. This is so you can get ahead of the curve and be ready to take paying clients when your certification program ends. 
  • If you don’t know if starting a business is right for you: See my Purpose Profit Dynamic Course. This is to help you gain clarity around yourself, ideal business, and ideal lifestyle. 
  • If you are want to start a consulting business (i.e. Social Media Management) but you don’t have client experience:  In then in Phase I: Branding, I will give you options on how to get testimonials and experience so you increase your confidence. 

I like to be very clear and not waste anyone’s time. You are perfect for The Female Entrepreneurs Community if: 

  • You are a Coach or Consultant. The frameworks that you will learn in this program are designed specifically for these types of business structures. Unfortunately, they are not well-suited for eCommerce or Creative (i.e. Photography, etc.). My hope is that in the near future, I will be able to provide the right type of content for any business structure. 
  • You realize there are no shortcuts. Ideally, you’ve been trying to build your business for about 6 mo to 1 Year. And you’ve realized that Tiny Offers, Quick-Cash Strategies, and Webinars will only take you so far. And you are ready to put in the work to create a sustainable-scalable business framework. 
  • You are ready to invest wisely. Money is an exchange of energy for me. When pricing my programs I truly take into account my worth, my outcomes, and my audience needs. I’ve priced FEC for women who are serious enough to invest a little more than the average membership program in order to get more consistent support and results, but are still not financially able to invest in a mastermind-level pricing tier. 

Join when you’re ready; Leave when you’re ready. 

This is a monthly payment structure, and you are not locked into a coaching contract. When you are ready to leave, you simply need to send an email, I will then send you a client satisfaction survey and then terminate your account. You will lose access to the site within 24hrs. 

ready for fabulous & fun?

Listen if this was easy, everyone would do it. But also, if this was too hard, no one would do it. And yet, people are successful in this biz every day!

How? Because they build their business around what makes them happy, not what social media says will make them happy. 

If you’re ready to start having fun again, then join me today!

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